[WIP] Traffic System | Maybe Marketplace

Hey there,

sadly i stopped working on this, because i have not time and interest in it anymore.

But i will upgrade it to 4.8 and give it to you for free. It is not that far, just the real basics, but maybe this helps others to start with their traffic system.

hmmm… I may guess it would be delicious :cool:


That my friend would make of me an instant UE4 convert from Unity3d :stuck_out_tongue: even if it’s not complete. Thanks a lot for sharing!

:smiley: I would suggest that anyway.

No seriously, it is really not much. Nothing that you couldn’t make in one day (if you know how). I almost forgot about it again. Hope i find some time.

I’d be quite interested in having a look at what you’ve done, I’ve been working occasionally on a similar system for our architectural visualisations. Would you mind throwing it up? It’d be a good reference for how the different systems work together.

Hey there, i tried converting it to 4.8 a few days ago, but sadly i get some weird crash on compiling one of the Blueprints.
I think it would be better if i remake the System to this point within a new 4.8 Project.

This would make it a lot clearer and easier to read for you. But it will take some time. I will do my best to get this to you all fast.

UPDATE: 4.8 Version can be found here:

Hit me!

Oh my god i need this

Then follow the link above :stuck_out_tongue: