Windows 10 Store Support ?

You can still make win32 games, plain and simple. But lets not talk about how neither the new Unreal Tournament, Fortnight, Paragon or Shadow Complex are available on any platform other than the Epic Games Launcher. Which is the true motive of this rant.

“But Epic has prided itself on providing software directly to customers…”

Tim is completely lying to the entire PC gaming community

For how long ?

Well obviously Epic would loose 30% of revenue made from their PC games, should Tim’s vision come to pass.

You know who else would ? The entire PC community.

First of all you can select what platforms support, but the problem now I think is about MS wants lock all and only sell or download games in their platform, and only give support to windows. So that is the problem, you can select Steam or not or other platforms but no lock all to use one single thing and control all from these apps/companies.

Anyway MS is doing this since the launch of Windows 10…

You can view the story always when that happen nothing good come after that.

So in this case I’m in the @TimSweeney side, to defend the rights of select.

Evidence … ???

Trying to make a competitor to Steam isn’t.

^This ten times over …

If MS locked all those others out they would have an Anti Trust judge down on them pretty sharpish.

Everyone is talking about what MIGHT happen.

Tim’s article was about Microsoft trying to lock everyone out, so that’s what we’re talking about here. Microsoft’s store as been there for years, it’s not the issue. Like I said I’m happy that Microsoft has their own store like everyone else.

more fearmongering. Its like saying, the air is still full of oxygen, but for how long?
Side Loading has been on by DEFAULT since November’s Update.
He lied so many times in the article its hard to keep track.
All he is doing is provoking fear in you all and its working.

I think that they are having hard time trying to go to the mobile world and now they have an additional platform to deal with.
Furthermore what they currently have for xbox and pc will be eventually became deprecated if compared to newer UWP apps (not to mention hololens).
Add the fact that one of their competitor already support them… and you get these results.

Windows 10 Store? That’s a DRM for only 1 type of operational system! It’s cool for it to be avaible there but if Unreal Engine can be downloaded withouth it I don’t see much reason too. Besides that service isn’t that cool for windows 7 users (like me) who still prefer windows 7.

What’s the crux of this…

At best Win10 & forced updates means Microsoft will make it harder for users to locate or access other stores to buy games?
Or at worst, Win10 & forced updates may mean Microsoft only endorses its own store, and blocks others including Epic down the road?
Or M$ starts downgrading its API’s, so that apps written outside UWP work badly, then we get ‘Lotus / Wordperfect’ antitrust all over again?

M$ have a strong reputation for being outright anti-competitive. Forced updates seem a lot like their Trusted Computing scheming…
Can we ‘root’ a Win10 PC like a phone to buy games direct from all websites anyway? Will this be possible with future versions of Win10?
Or will secret trade agreements like TTIP, TPP or TISA actually make it illegal in some territories to jailbreak / root / alter a Win10 PC?
If so, it won’t just be about store choice, it’ll be a return to region-blocking or something worse, where certain games may not even run…

Is the obvious solution here to promote Linux and open source, and be more tightly integrated into that ecosystem instead?
Seems not if you have to beg: “We all know what Microsoft is. Most people are just fed up with their dirty policies and they switch to Linux”](Appeal to Epic Games: Linux Launcher/Marketplace support - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums)…

and they want to kill all firstborn children too! why nobody is worrying about that???

seriously, it’s been years that people complain about Microsoft, and now we have Apple, SteamOS and Google-fake-android.

if you are not gonna support an environment, someone else is gonna do that.

No, I believe that’s Autodesk & Adobe :stuck_out_tongue:

But there are open-source alternatives to both of them (Blender / Gimp etc).

This isn’t the case for the OS as UE4 support for Linux is only partial.

But if Epic were to change priorities it could be. Please stop writing Tim…
Instead give us full Linux support for UE4. Then we’d have a real choice.
If M$ does go all draconian, then we’re not all locked in. (Choice is good)

why bother? they are talking about target platform, not developer platform.
I mean… it would be nice to be able to use the editor with linux but an additional target platform would be far more usefull

There’s no problem on M$ intentions; if they close the platform, SteamOS takes over and life keeps going.
The problem Tim sees here is that M$ intentions may become a wall to his own business in future.
But consumers don’t need to worry about this, if M$ do such a stupid thing as get rid of Win32, then even NVidia could enter the arena and strike big with a new Win32 compatible OS.

Sure, but the switch needs to start with developers. We’ve all been addicted to M$ & Windows for way too long.
M$ are no innovators, they never were, they’re holding us back! Its a good time to break free…

You obviously see potential in this new M$ target platform that I don’t, can I ask why?
Sure the new platform may be in demand if M$’ Win10 forced upgrades strategy pays off.
But we’ve seen backlash from Win7/8 users, and its not like mobile M$ devices are big sellers!

I didn’t choose to make apps for iphones, and still I have to do it now.

you don’t know what you are talking about

A new layer of abstraction over hardware and operating system, composite and upgradable, the same code that works with multiple platforms (and with xamarin it could even reach android and ios in the future),
many languages available and all of them (including javascript) can compile natively.
Even just the API itself, the way it is presented and architected is enough to understand the benefits that you can get.

Every website upgrades without asking you anything, you just download the new version each time. You don’t like the new version? You can use something else and they loose a consumer.
I’m quite happy with windows 10 and I found absurd that in this world of Facebook and Apple you have to say something about Microsoft.
(and btw, I like facebook and apple too)

Interesting stuff… So you genuinely believe that some day (hopefully soon) we’ll have the ‘write-once run-anywhere’ legendary promise, where games made for Windows will run flawlessly on iOS etc? And all this because of UMP and the purchase of Xamarin…???

Its just a discussion, no need for slurs… Before, I was referring to how innovation-wise, M$ ripped off Office from Lotus & Wordperfect, stole Windows from Apple, and created MS.Net because of jealousy over Java etc…

Because that’s the theme of the thread?.. Honestly not sure how FB factors into this… I just want to see long overdue change and real OS choice, and Linux is a very qualified open-source alternative that brings that choice. My hope is it will lead to new stores and new target platforms beyond the few dominant ones we have now…

No idea about games but as for apps in general yes. Xamarin already provides “forms” in xaml.

as I said, you don’t know what you are talking about.
and everyone starts from something that already exists, if their products were worst or the same than the old one, everyone would have stayed with the old ones.
“jealousy over java…” come on, how old are you??

FB was for the privacy factor.
as of Linux, I dont’ see the point. The goal is to have UWP as an additional target platform, not to add a developer platform. There is no gain there

M$ were judged in law to have a monopoly for years! That meant they could bundle whatever crud they wanted with new PC builds. Even today when you walk into a store, there are very few alternatives if you’re buying a PC or Laptop. That’s not merit, its monopoly! Forgive me, but I’m now tempted to ask: ‘how old are you’?

Well, old enough to remember this :stuck_out_tongue:“There are certainly people in the big house that have Java envy,” Boxsaid. "I know that for every Java idea there are probably three different implementations of it in .Net floating around Microsoft."

Obviously not everyone can agree with you there. I’ve no particular love for Valve, but I do think their pro-Linux stance makes sense: Why Linux is the future of gaming…
The reason why desktop Linux hasn’t made it is because of its lack of games.

You like sparing on the forums :slight_smile: … Its kind of pointless though, because as the saying goes, ‘the fight’s not in here, its out there’ (getting games made and competing on the marketplace)… Arguments over which tool is better never go anywhere, because the answer inevitably comes down to: 'The best tool, is the one I’m using right now"… But hey, from one Microsoft Pro Developer to another, good luck to you dude!