Wind direction source or similar affecting all particles?

Hello I was wondering it there was a way to get the WindDirectionSource or have a value in game that can globally affect all particles? I want to see if I can get a wind parameter to change all effects in a group. I’ve figured out how to set it on a per instance basis in level and in blueprint, but I wanted to see if there were a way to take a level value to change all effects at once.

Use the Acceleration module set to an InstanceParameter, in all of your FX, set the param to direct mode and 0.00 your value.

Then in BP or level BP modify Acceleration with a curve/timeline/maths…

You could also try experimenting with global vector fields…

Scroll down near the bottom, I don’t have the editor up in front of me at the moment, and I have never tried this yet but wondering off the top of my head if you could scale the global vector in the same way I describe for the Acceleration module…

Thanks for the info. My major stumble was to get the blueprint to listen to the wind actor. I had someone help me with that and I’m getting some directionality, but I’m not getting the result I want. I’ll try the accel and direct mehod and see what that yields. I’m going to be messing with vector fields more so I’ll try to see if I can get a decent movement using that. I’ll post the result if I get something I like!

Thanks Mr. Rye.


Hi, Fred!
Did you get any result with this question?

would you care telling us how you did that?