Will be submitting Bug Report when answerhub is back, but see if anything is wrong here.

Here’s what I’m doing: I’ve got a random phrase generator that I’m making for the beginning of the level, but when it gets down to the branches, it breaks on the first false branch and never completes the rest of the cue. Basically, if the bGuardians and bHunters are both true, it plays all the way to the end. If the bHunters is false, it stops after “avoid the guardians”. If bGuardians is false, it stops after “find the orbs”, and even if bGuardians is false, and bHunters is true, it still stops after find the orbs. It doesn’t matter what is plugged into the false pin. I’ve tried alternate wave files plugged into there, also a wave player with NONE selected, and also just left them empty. Same thing.

I have a similar bug that has been entered with Delay breaking the concatenator (they’ve confirmed this on the preview release and added it to the bug list) and I’m assuming this is the same thing. Here’s my Cue and also my BP that calls it.



(The bools will eventually be driven by other variables, but they’re just being explicitly set for testing purposes right now.)