Widget causing crash?

Thank you both for the help and feedback, I am currently working in a TC and to summarize what I’m trying to attempt it basically needs to be a trigger so that when you stand in a certain vicinity of a note (or even just directly on top of the note) that you can press a key to view said note. It would then appear on the HUD for you to read and then when you step away from the trigger area you can no longer read it. So there’s no need for the player to be able to keep the note or have it in there inventory.

It seems really simple and I already have a fairly limited knowledge of blueprints but due to the devkit being a whole other realm of things to understand and learn its proving incredibly tricky for me to even get my head around it.

I’ve tried a few methods and although it won’t be the end of the world if I’m not able to do it, I feel as though if I can manage this I can get a better understanding of the devkit