Why should I keep paying?

Hi Zhed,

I checked back into it and you are correct. You do not have to re-subscribe to publish a game, however there are steps that must be taken which can be found here: Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine

Thank you and have a great day!

Awesome! This is great for indies and people developing in their spare time. Thank you Epic for making it so risk-free! :smiley:

Thank you for the confirmation…this is great indeed :slight_smile:

OK granted this is just my opinion but off the bat 19 bucks a month is dirt cheap for anything. Break it down that rounds out to 63 CENTS a day. Doing my real life math that is a bit more than a third that I spend on my morning-drive-to-work cup of coffee.

Next, and a guess, this is the principle release to get into the hands what is needed and not so much about what is wanted. Think of it this way, you buy an Ipod does it come with music?

Next, and this is the scarey part, I’ve know Zak for more than a few years and I have at least an idea of the scarey way his mind works. I’m sure, no positive, that he knows that there will be those that come in, subscribe, grab as much stuff that they can download, unsubscribe and in the same process demand a refund for good measure.

Now assuming that I am right here is what I predict. Once the rush is over and things have settled down that’s when Epic will roll out the good stuff that will hot rod a perfectly good chaise as the working base.

Here is why you stick with the horse you rode in on.

If this happens, as predicted, each time you sub and unsubscribe it costs you another 19 bucks so in the end it will cost you twice as much each year just for the new goodies when all you really have to do is give up your morning coffee. :wink:

P.S. HI Zak I"M BACK. :smiley:


Wait can someone clarify a few things for me:

  1. If I didnt want to subscribe is there a way to get UE4 for non-commercial use?
  2. Is there a termination fee?
  3. So basically subscribing is like licensing for UE3 with added features?

Thanks in Advance.

  1. An initial subscription of $19 is necessary to download the editor and gain access to its various features.
  2. This subscription can be canceled at anytime, with no termination fee. Without a subscription, you can still use the tools you previously download, but you will not be able to receive new updates.
  3. With a subscription, you get access to the editor and full source code, and you can also access the marketplace for additional content. So, yes.

This is very good information to know. I’m pretty much a novice with game development, i’ve dabbled a bit in Unity Indie and dipped my fingers in the UDK, but never seriously got into either, though i am definitely considering giving UE4 a try (though i’m not a programmer, so the Source Code doesn’t really matter to me), and considering what Unity are asking for the full package of their engine ($1500 up front for Pro, or $75/month, yes i know there’s Indie, but that doesn’t give you everything you might need), it’s a no brainer, especially when $19/month works out at about £11/month, it’s a bargain.

Now my only worry is whether or not my system will actually take UE4,

Wrong the English get stuffed again on US prices, we pay €19 making it about £16 instead of £11. Wish I could pay in dollars instead of euros.

P.S. I’m not European I’m English haha.

Still, it’s pretty **** impressive considering what you get access to, i don’t mind paying £16/month for this, i’m paying just over half that for my audible sub anyways.

(fellow yorkshireman here :P), like i said, my only real concern now is if my system can take UE4, i’ve only got 6GB of ram (the fourth module slot on my board is defunct, so can’t use 8GB) and my CPU is getting on in years (6 yrs is a long time for a Q-Core)

Hi Demonseedgfx - Great Britain actually pays in USD instead or EUR. :slight_smile:

No worries…I’ve used UE4 (early beta version) on a system with 4GB of RAM and 6 year old CPU + 9600GT and yeah it was somewhat smooth to work.

This thread is funny… I think similar discussion were ongoing in Unity3D forums too. The simple rule of thumb that has evolved in a nutshell is this: If you can’t afford the 19$ subscriptiona month, then Unreal Engine is most certainly not the right tool for your purpose. Also, I think Epic Games has made a brave and important step with this model and some people seem to figure out how to abuse it in the best way ;). But that’s probably an unfortunate side-effect.

I think those who can’t afford 19$ to be paid once at least, and making a bit deal out of it, haven’t played games to begin with. Many of them cost alot more than 19$.

Now that it got mentioned, is there a reason the eurozone devs have to pay the same amount in EUR (instead of being able to pay in dollars or with exchange rate counted in)? Maybe some EU regulations or fees apply, I don’t know for sure, but it’s a digital product, so it wouldn’t make much sense. Sorry for off-topic, but it’s the first thing I noticed - that it’s more expensive for us eurozone people.

PS: The new pricing is still a very good decision I think, and a great opportunity for indie/solo devs .

Royalty calculation in case of a team

Hi there,
First post on this forum. I hope everybody is well with a load of excitement.
Consider this case:
A team is working for a project. Team member is 10. Out of ten people only 6 people need to access UE4. Now on behalf of this team, I payed 3 subscriptions for my team.(or call company) Now we developed out product. For this single multi-platform product, we have this revenue figure:

  1. PC= a , Mac= b, Android= c, iOS=d.
    Total revenue, N=a+b+c+d.(per interval, say 6 month after)
    Now as we have 6 people for this product, which royalty-case will be correct?

Case1: N*(5/100) dollar per time interval(6 month?)
Case2: N*(5/100)*6 dollar per time interval(6 months)

Second question: Now lets say, we decided ps4 as next target for this same product. With all of hassle, we manage to be
sony/microsoft registered developer. Now for this case, what will be royalty?


I have a doubt: when is the payment executed - at the beginning of the each month or 1 month after the subscription. For example, if the subscription is done today, the next payment is April 1 or April 23?

This has to be the most comical thread on here.
You’re quibbling about a fee, (that to all intents and purposes is the price of a Mcdonalds happy meal, once a month) which will give you access to a tool-set/kit that is second to none in terms of creating games, architectural visualisations and much more.
The equivalent would be to be given a pick-axe and a days entry to the Kimberly mines to dig for gold in South Africa, and then being told that you keep your gold booty if you pay the mine $5 dollars for every $100 you make.

I can’t believe that this is even being questioned or debated, and is exactly the same as a similar thread on the UDK forums.

Frankly, I think Mr Sweeney is being incredibly generous and if it were me, you’d be paying $99 a month with no opt out. If you opt out, the engine would be deleted.

IMO he should have kept his Junior Status, it could have been a running gag for newbs and a good way for Tim to stay humble.