Why Is The Only Inventory System Tutorial SO TERRIBLE???

if he not reply perhaps he haven’t time for that, that not mean you must ‘drub?’ his work.

I have a inventory system,

and if i got time i thinking in do a tutorial but thread begin like this make me rethink waste my frree time, especially because my english is bad and not going to explain good enough. and thinks like that…

Use those 12 years of experience then, put together an inventory system and release a tutorial for it.
If it’s terrible, do a better one. I guess a really small percentage of the tutorial providers here, are actually being paid for their work. :wink:

Terrible to go out bashing. This should be easy for you, since you could clearly point out everything you felt was wrong with the current tutorial.

it seems this topic has really headed in the wrong direction. I suggest either people go back to talking about inventories and and how they work or we shut the thread down since it’s more or less turning into a bashing contest from all sides.

I feel hurt.
that’s all.

Check out mine. It has quite alot features

@Savaikun any idea whn you will be doing your new tutorials? no offense to anyone else but you got the best tutorial out for inventory atm.