Why doesn't matinee movie record scene?

Hi everyone, I only come to this once i have exhausted ALL avenues and hours of research. Usually I can find my answer.

Ive created my director group, basic martinee blueprint and saved my camera scene in the editor.

When I click movie in the martinee and proceed to export the file it loads up with the blue character not the actual scene I recorded with the cameras.

I have done everything online and just can’t export a clean scene.

Its for the trailer of my game.

Please help.

Hey Brancoq,

Be sure to tag your ‘Matinee’ actor within the details panel as, ‘Play on Level Load’.

Play on Level Load

Hopefully this works, but if not let me know and we can try something else.


Hi Andrew, I will try this after work today and will get back to you.


Hi Andrew,

Almost works, however after I clicked movie, populates the standard window to preview the scene, it will produce the camera scene in matinee correctly, but, right at the end it will jump back to the character. I’ve created the blueprint as per:

I took a screen shot below and another one after this

just the standard blueprint as per the above link on wiki unreal


Try this adding this approach as well to have more control over how to play and stop your Matinee.

Play/End Cinematic