Why does "Play from here" make my character fall through the landscape?

I’ve created a new project using the Blueprint First Person and made a landscape. When I Play in New Window, my player starts at the player start and falls to the land. However, when I right-click and choose Play From Here, the character falls through the land.

Looking at the MyCharacter blueprint, it’s clear that the capsule is centered at the origin. Is there a way to nudge this capsule up so that it would be above the landscape when I choose Play From Here?

Hi lackthereof0,

I attempted to reproduce your results here but couldn’t. Could you try reproducing it in another FPS map to see if the problem is persistent throughout or just isolated to the map your working in?

Thanks, TJ

I’m sorry, it must be something with my project. After more testing, it looks like I can spawn on some parts of the landscape, but not others. The only thing I can see is that there are steep cliffs near the no-spawn zone, as well as a few blueprints. I’ll get back to you…

Hey lackthereof,

It sounds like your capsule is intersecting with the landscape when you click and choose Play From Here, especially if you’re only experiencing the problem in steeper parts of your landscape. There is not currently a way to adjust where the capsule is in relation to Play From Here. A better option in those cases might be to position the camera above the area you want to land, and chose to Play from the Current Camera Position.

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday