Which kind of data a level stores?

Hi, everyone!

This is my first topic and I am a beginner.

Well, I work with Studio Max and make my own 3d resources. I was planning to import a lot of things to my level, cause the very first thing I learn in UE4 was level design, but I have a question: if I import a lot of textures and fbx, this things will be properly avaliable if I use that level in other future projects? In UE 4, a level is an small project capable to contain many types of medias?

My question could be dumb, but this is because I came [recently] from Game Maker and still do not understand many concepts of 3d engines. In my old program levels were called “rooms”, and I believe they were more simple to handle.

Thanks for reading.

A project is made of several levels, just like in GM a project is made of several rooms. And just like GM, you need at least 1 level to run.

Also, every asset, including levels, can be migrated between different projects.