Which is the largest maximum size of land?

for single player without multi-player, until you run out of drive space.

for multi-player 20Km sq

I second that!

Would increasing the CPU core from 4 to 8 or 10 cores, and using 2 MSI 1080Ti, and increasing the DDR4 rams from 64G to 128G 3000MHz, help in increasing from 400 x 400km to 1000 x 1000km work better.:slight_smile:

No, the editor doesn’t support SLI. The size limitations are more so engine limitations than hardware limitations There are ways to work around them, but it depends on the type of game you’re making.

To the engine 400km and 1000km would both be equally difficult, the maximum size of a single map is 20km though the physics start having problems after like 6km, so if you want something functional then you can use level streaming with world composition to build the map out of 6km chunks, but that’d be more than 25,000 maps, so probably not a good idea
Also, you need to consider what you get from having a large map, remember it needs to have interesting stuff in the map and simply having something large isn’t worth much.

Hi guy’s,

I stumble on this thread while i was googling for maximum map size that work fine for multiplayer maps, i am not talking about any open world thing here just what would be a maximum decent size map where i will not run in any kind of trouble with the physic? My goal was to make 5 km x 5 km maps so is this realistic?

That would be fine within a single map, physics start to have issues after like 6km

Thank a lot for the answer Darthviper and may the dark side of the force be with you!

Is there any definitive word on this? I’m not quite seeing why beyond ±600 000 would cause any change? Isn’t IEEE float 24bits matissa == 7 significant decimals meaning ±999 999.9 cm(uu)? Or is there something else in play here (physx/etc)?

Quick test with 1cm x 1cm cube dropped near the edge of 10km map simulates just as well as near the origin (just a visual observation though, nothing measured).

It was in the documentation but they’ve updated and I can’t find the information about maximum map size. It’s not just up to cm units though, it’s also for iterations smaller than a cm. You’ll get an issue where things won’t collide properly and things won’t be able to move smoothly.

Hmm. After more testing I think there is some small glitching on physics near the 10km range at least. Not sure if it’s related to lost precision or something else.

-Seeing some small hitches in rotation when using torque to turn physics objects.(minor problem, most likely non visible during active gameplay).
-Not seeing any hitching on position (add force).

Catch :
-No problems at all on anything if I enable fixed framerate. Which is kind of weird if it was a precision issue.

Small physics objects have penetration problems, but they do near origin as well without CCD.

I’d say it’s probably safe for regular gameplay considering how pretty much anything physics related has a ton of other issues as well. So some popping here and there is not a show stopper. I’ll do some testing on projectiles/bullets/fast objects next.

Official word on if it’s safe to use the whole area for gameplay would be nice though. Or if there are other caveats to consider.
Origin rebasing is off the table since it screws with distance fields (at least shadows). Which I take it that it screws with something else too :slight_smile:

So, just to be clear:
For multiplayer, where the server needs to load the entire world, the limit is 5 square km, TOTAL on each axis?
Or 5km in the positive direction, and 5km in the negative direction, giving you 10km for each axis?

If I understand the docs correctly, and this is just default without changing any engine configs: “A landscape is a subdivided plane with a density of 1 vertex per meter.” (A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums) and “8129x8129” is the largest size in the table at (Landscape Technical Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation) that would mean just a bit over 8 Km2 x 8 Km2.

Has this changed? Or is 6,000 x 6,000u still the limit for multiplayer? We’re using a map for VR of 10,000 x 10,000 units and so far it seems to be working fine.

doing a quick grep on the source code results in this commit:

the Unreal Engine source code currently uses 20km (which is the same as ±10km from the origin) for WORLD_MAX. the value was 5km prior to that commit in October 2014.

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thats still a big ■■■ map