Where to start UE4's C++ for non-programmers?

Hello, i just started using UE4 and learned how to use Blueprints.
Now, i think that i should learn how to write C++ Code, and downloaded “How to think like a computer scientist C++ version”, and i think that it is a really good book.
After i finished that, where could i find graduated tutorials to the UE4’s C++?

Hello Crax,

You’re going to want to understand C++ fundamentals thoroughly before diving into UE4 with C++. Microsoft Visual Studio has an express edition for you to download for free. I would suggest following the tutorials in that book first (I am familiar with it). Then, simply follow this tutorial:

Hope this helps and good luck!

~~ Nate

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Yeah, what Rama said.
Feel free to annoy him too, he loves that :slight_smile:

Provided you are polite about it and at least try a search first, the community will be quite happy to help if they can.
So far anyway.