Where to start? (Need some Tutorials/tips)

End Goal:

  • Produce a playable area using prototype character/animations, custom voices/sounds


  • Will need 1 large cave, like in the demo, a nice weather system and maybe then I will start working on more open area world (not too large, it’s just a demo


  • Prototype character/animation/sounds
  • Sounds/music
  • Trees (speedtree)
  • Vegetation (need to find some)
  • Rocks/etc (no idea where to start

Plan of action:

No real one right now, I know I will need to learn Maya, Zbrush to get started on fixing up some models other than just plain prototypes

In terms of how a project is actually started and produced I have no idea, I am guessing designing a basic map in worldmachine, then adding a cave somehow? Not quite sure, will I have to model the cave in Maya and then fix it up in ZBrush?

I think the trick is not to start on the landscaping just yet. Just get yourself a flat area where you can prototype the gameplay. I.e.

  1. Get your crash-test-dummies walking/running around shooting/stabbing/casting spells at each other.
  2. Iterate with slightly more detail. Go to step 3.
  3. Repeat step 2.

I would put the actual landscape of your game near the bottom of the list of all the things you have to do. Sort out the interactions and gameplay elements first, then make it all look pretty. Good luck!

You will want to start with preproduction and planning. Maybe even a design document, so that you stay on track with your vision:

Then you will want to begin learning the engine. Here are some great tutorial resources:

I hope that this helps.

Watch this series by Hourences, it covers a lot of what you want to do: The Solus Project: Application of Unreal Engine 4 - Part 1- Level And Content - YouTube

Awesome thanks! will check all these out later!!!