Where to start from?

Hello everyone, i am totally new to concept of game development, i have had my experience of Macromedia Flash including basic level of action scripting (calling multiple timelines, making a CBT with voice overs and all) and i have grasp of C language (functions, arrays, variables, loops and other basic concepts EXCEPT pointers). I am a hardcore gamer and always wanted to be part of the industry. Having this background i wanted to know how and where to start from.

It kind of depends on what you want and how you learn best, but a small project might be a good start get to know your way arround the UE4 and it’s different editors and mechanics. Flesh out the idea (like a basic sidescroller or topdown game for example), establish mechanics via code or Blueprint and then start fleshing out the games visuals with models, textures, particle effects, lights and post processing.

You have a few of “template” choices both in Blueprint and C++ form available so thats a good starting point. Simultaniously you should check out the basic documentation and available tutorials from Epic, since they provide a great amount of fundamental knowledge: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation

To back that up, there are many sample projects under the “learn” tab in the UE4 launcher which provide great insight into certain solutions. The first and probably best overview you should download is “Content Examples”, which provides a structured overview of many of the UE4 features and how they work. Maybe you want to download that one even before getting started.

  1. take a look at the basic youtube tutorials from epic games so that you know the basics of the engine
  2. start a own small project and try to finish it

Useful sites:

When you are stuck with something, make sure to post a question into the forum -> we are always here to help :smiley:

There’s no real place to start, in my experience.

You just kind of try and you end of learning and eventually you get enough knowledge to start a game…

~ Jason

thanks, i wanted to start off by making a game for my 4 years old … she is ALWAYS playing that Subway Surfer on mobile and wanted to make something which can educate her, so idea was to make a 2D side scrolling game with same mechanics (running, jumping, collecting coins). Right now i am watching tutorials to get hold of the UI and to be honest it looks difficult. Not going to give up this easily though.

Yeah, you definitely don’t want to give up, that happens all too often in this line of work. Something you should do is just go around in UI and play with it, tutorials sometimes assume you have some sort of prior knowledge.

For such a kind of game I would recommend you to take a look at the “Unreal Stick Figure 2d” and “Swing Ninja” sample which you can find in the learn tab of your launcher -> there you can see how to create complex paper 2d animations + how to do the part with the coins :slight_smile: