Where to start design a FPS game?

Hi there

i have a game idea in mind FPS for android and Iphone.
I don’t have any previous experience in game development.But I have experience in programming java(3+ years).
I want to know what and how skils are required for making game for android like

Is Unreal Engine provides tools for all aspects of game development.Or I need to learn some other tools also for 3D game development for mobile?


You will have to learn:
-a 3d program (blender, 3ds max, maya)
-photoshop or gimp
-probably also a tool for audio editing

I would recommend you to start with the official tutorials on youtube and after that directly start do develop your game -> during the development process you will have questions which you can post here into the forum or answerhub -> we are always here to help :slight_smile:

Some good resources:

If I learn a 3d program then is it also necessary to lean photoshop also?

What are best tools for audio editing in game?


For audio editing I use Audacity, it’s free and the interface is easy to use, I have tried to learn other sound editing software but I always come back to Audacity (although I have heard what voice actors could do with more advanced software, creating realistic voice filters for radio transmissions and the like)

I think it’s necessary to learn Photoshop as well as a 3d program so you can edit textures or create graphics for your games/website/promotions. I’m pretty sure Adobe still offers a 30 day trial for Photoshop so you can see if you like it. There are a tremendous amount of tutorials if there’s a certain look you’re going for. If I get stuck for any long moment (when I’m trying to go for a certain effect) during 3d modeling/photoshop/sounds I go straight to googling my questions to save myself time.

Hi,I use 1.3d modeling - blender (open source,have a lot of features,great tutorials,constant updates,sculpting,rigging,animating,you can render in cycles renderer but that is not for game development,it is a little hard to learn)

  1. textures,maps - Gimp (free ,have a lot of peoffesional tools, not so hard to use)


@Blue man,@ZenrokStudios

Can you explain in what areas of game development these tools(animating,charcter design) are used?And what for purpose

(Not a whole but in a Nutshell)


Hi Roger,

Animating would be useful in a first person shooter to have a visual cue when you hit your target. You could also use particle effects for sparks/impact effects, but Unreal 4 offers a lot of free animations and assets that you also might want to look into for enemy animations and for your shooter game.

Character design would be good to show what kind of enemies you are facing. An enemy with really high HP might have a lot of armor/shielding so the player would understand and approach the situation differently compared to low health enemies. Developer commentary from Valve and Blizzard talk about being able to recognize a character by its silhouette, if that helps.

I have zero experience in Android development unfortunately