Where to begin?

Being relatively new to Unreal I’m not sure where to begin when it comes to C++ programming. Not the language, that I know. I was taught C++ at university. More so. I’ve had a look at a few tutorials yet none really show any concrete examples of how to begin and give a good overview.

I’m looking for a good lengthy tutorial that goes into the in’s and outs of unreal via C++ possibly by creating a fully working example game or a single level with different crucial components inside it, perhaps there is already such tutorials I’ve overlooked, in which case could someone please direct me to the correct tutorial.

Something similar to this tutorial series for UDK:


Dear Euden,

Have you seen the First Person Shooter Wiki? It’s quite long with lots of pics and code snipptes!

First Person Shooter Wiki


I made the tutorials from website, then shooter tutorial and that guy collecting batteries. It’s only a small piece of what do you really need to know to make some game, i dont know where can i find any other c++ tutorials… Everytime im getting either documentation copy paste or someone says “hey set this variable and it will work” or “u need to override those 2 methods”. But why, why arent such things written in documentation or presented in tutorials?.. I’m stuck, any advice?

I ran into similar issues as you guys at first, and was looking for a step by step guide in making a full game in UE4 in C++. I never really found it.

Best advice I can give is the way I went about things; I came up with a basic game idea and tried to make it.

Start off by making a new project in C++ and pick one of the templates. An easy one, like the puzzle, or the 2d platformer etc, and make sure its a code project. Then, just go dig through the code. It’s not a lot of code at all, but gives you a basic understanding of character.

After that, I just kept trying to make my game, asking questions where needed, and learning ALOT from blueprints. Blueprints are pretty easily translated to C++ as most of the functions and flow are the same just need more casting and pointers and whatnot!!! Other things is like Rama said in that you should dissect the ShooterGame code.

Also, go check out the new Survival Game series. Its not a tutorial, but they build the code in sections, tell the changes between each, and theres a nice wiki that explains a lot. I’ve already learned a lot from it.

From there, find projects or questions for features you want to see or want to try and dissect it. Its the best way I’ve found to unreal.

Also, this website is nice:

And ALL of Rama’s tutorials have been amazingly helpful.

I started the same way. I reviewed 3rd person, topdown, first person template etc. But that shooter game… I dont know if i saw the same code? Could u post me the link where there are actually spawning enemies controlled by AI? Because thats what im lookin for atm

The ShooterGame is in the market. You need to download it from the Learn tab. Once it’s downloaded, click to make a project with it. Once it loads the editor, Click File-> Refresh Visual Studio Project, and it should open Visual Studio with the code for you to dive into.

Personally, I have parts of the ShooterGame source code open at all times in Notepad++ to use as references when trying to figure out certain functions or how I should structure calls.

ShooterGame was an IMMENSE help in learning UE’s networking, and I know I saw code for bots and AI in there.