Where can I find a Sample/Tutorial on vehicles?

I’ve looked, but I can’t seem to find a good tutorial or sample on vehicles, not even in the docs. This kinda gets me thinking that maybe the system is not yet complete or something like that. There are other “incomplete” components and parts in the engine (accelerometer input, for example), so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Is that the case? Or is there something I’m missing?

Never mind, I just found this:

So when will UE 4.2 be available then?

Hi . UE4.2 should be available soon, in a few weeks. I can’t give you an exact date, but you won’t have to wait long.

You know, I really appreciate the amount of work you guys are putting into keeping everything in pristine shape, not only in engine, but also here in the answerhub. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: