What to do about dead threads?

What to do about dead threads on this forum, I found a lot of them, they are really annoying and wants me to switch to an another game engine.

why dead threads make you switch to a different game engine? I’m lost about the logic here. Did you have checked the other game engines forums? The have dead threads also

I thought those would have a better community, which would prevent this.

this forum is new. unreal created this as part of the launch of version 5.

most of the dead threads you see are from the past forum.

If you want to see change on here YOU need to do a little more of the work. :stuck_out_tongue: Suggestion: Try linking to examples of dead threads and calling Epic staff to threads like this one using @StaffName. Otherwise just leaving this thread as is without either of those, will do little to change things around here. Maybe some background would help? If so, see below… Either way something to be aware of… Epic have never been great at support. Killer forums / excellent docs would all be nice. But that’s NOT a priority for Epic (not really). That’s just how it is. So most devs focus on self-learning by trawling source / creating test projects. As most devs who know anything left the forums years ago. Some at Epic are trying but most don’t care tbh. :wink: