What might be causing a Character Movement Component Linker Error?

Hello everyone, I’ve been attempting to override a lot of the functionality from the Character Movement Component class, however i’ve run into a linker error in my .cpp file. Maybe someone can help clear this up:

Error 1 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “struct FThreadSafeStaticStat<struct FStat_STAT_CharacterMovementAuthority> StatPtr_STAT_CharacterMovementAuthority” (?StatPtr_STAT_CharacterMovementAuthority@@3U?$FThreadSafeStaticStat@UFStat_STAT_CharacterMovementAuthority@@@@A) C:\Users\joey.pla\Documents\Unreal Projects\ShooterTutorial\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\SBCharacterMovementComponent.cpp.obj ShooterTutorial

I haven’t attached the code for the reason that it is around 3000 lines, but if its necessary, let me know. Thanks in advance!

If you copied and pasted the default definition of UCharacterMovementComponent::PerformMovement, then you can try commenting out this line:


Thank you so much Neverender! This worked. I had a question on Answers Hub as well so I will answer the question and give credit to you.

Again, thanks a million!