What max number of players can hande UE4?

Hi, what max number of players can hande UE4? I mean number of players connected together at same time to same host/server for example in 2 games:

  1. online multiplayer
  2. MMO

Take a look at this thread: More than 32 players supported in UE4? Max AI supported? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:

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Essentially UE4 can handle a large amount of players but it all depends on the backend server. Currently there is a project in the Marketplace (link below) and he states that so far it is stable over 140+ clients. He is working on getting it higher but his virtual machine can only take so much. He is using all blueprints and UE4 networking, I believe.

There are numerous methods which games in the past of used to make it easier to handle. You can look to simplifying animations & models when exceeding a certain number of players in a given area found in games such as Ankama Studio’s “Dofus” or in instancing areas such as within CCP’s “EVE Online.” With enough thought put into how you handle your game world and the scalability of your hardware it should be able to handle however much you want it to handle.

This thread is really out dated now considering all the milestones they implemented in Fortnite.

4.18-4.2 had HUGE changes to handling large amounts of characters on screens and the problems that comes with that.

I as well have been working on my own MMO with my own custom web server.

I have removed all non-crucial systems off my dedicated server and handle them through REST calls to my webserver.

My dedicated server only handles immediate inventory, character status, combat, and character movement.

Everything else like clans, social, item generation etc is handled on my RoR web server.