What is the easiest way to create a very simple animation in UE4?

I’ve created a simple model in blender and all I want to do is to get one component of that model to rotate very fast multiple times. What is the easiest way I can achieve this? My overall goal is to create a matinee sequence with this animation playing at a certain point. If I create the animation in blender can I import it easily to UE4 and have everything ready to go? Or is it more complicated, and is there a way to achieve the same effect within UE4 itself. I am not interested with using bone rigging or anything like that, I am simply trying to get something to move in a very linear fashion. If someone could link a tutorial in their answer or provide a more detailed explanation to follow along I would be very grateful as I am quite new to both programs.

How am I meant to open the persona editor, it seems like the only way to open it is by selecting an object which has a skeleton (which mine doesn’t).

I use the record button in the persona editor(animation). But you have to be fast to start dragging the piece, I don’t know if there is a shortcut (ctrl+) You can make it rotate and then loop it.

By the ways you can cut parts of the frames out if you mess up.

Tell me if i confused you.

Then you can’t animate, this is considered a static mesh.

you can use a timeline + set actor rotation: