What are the best Grid/Snap settings to use in 3DS Max for UE4 development?


I was wondering if Epic has the best Grid/Snap settings for 3DS Max ?
While I know in UE4 its not really needed, I am the type of person that likes to make things “fit perfectly” and have alot of modular items.


Hi Zombiexm,

All dimensions in UE4 are in centimeters. While each artist has there own setup in 3Ds Max that they prefer, setting your units and grid size to metric would probably be the best way to make sure things are as precise as possible.

I hope that help.

Thanks, TJ

I’ve set my unit setup to Metric->Centimeters and when I import via fbx to the editor it is smaller then I wanted to be (compaired to a bsp brush of the same size) What could be the issue with this?

Whats also bothering me most is scale , what is it in the fps blue print vs a empty map. Suggestions for room height/size as well?

Hmm, that is odd. If the units are set to centimeters in 3DsMax and you size the model correctly it will import into the engine at the same size. Could you post your FBX so we can take a look? If you aren’t comfortable posting it here you can send a link to it by Private Message on the forums.


Here is a link that may help. It is related to the new Unreal Tournament we are making but it applies to most any game created with UE4.

I was just looking around the FBX Export menu, and found a setting under advance options-Unit which is Automatic, and under it scene units converted to Inches greyed out. I over-ridden the automatic and switched to Centimeters, and now everything goes in the correct size.