Weird question. [3DS Max/Maya subscriptions]

The way I see it, games in the future will com mainly from “Im-going-to-a-games-academy” kind of people who get a free version through their institute, (but pay through the nose for tuition fees).
The days where people could do this really as a hobby are over Im afraid.
When the day comes that my Max stops working, Im probably out of game design for good. It will have become a hobby that I simply cannot afford, like powerboat racing or collecting Ferraris…

Yeah, it is, but not really usefull for hard surface modeling. Its a sculpting software which favors the organic designs…

For me, blender is not an option. I find the Ui really counterintuitive and the whole thing looks a bit “just-patched-together”.
Im working with Max since the mid 90s. And you dont teach an old dog new tricks :stuck_out_tongue:

I only need 3DSMAX for short durations, using a subscription which runs a year just doesnt cut it for me. Seems even cheaper to hire someone for basic work then doing stuff occasionally. Also i would just need a slimmed down version, to separate meshes, rename bones, mostly.

Yes, and when you consider a 6 month modeling job means you need to pay over 1000 euros to autodesk…
now imagine a project with 5 artist seats that runs over two years. Thats over 12000 just to have a handfull people being able to work throughout the project.

All the “old” studios that are using Max or Maya are basically on old licensing models, they bought the software so they don’t need to subscribe it now. The subscription model goes only for new studios but i can’t imagine that even “new” bigger studios will through that much money way for modeling software. With good alternatives on the market, it is a stupid move from autodesk. Even in AAA Studios like MASSIVE where they developed The Division, some of are artist are using MODO as a alternative to max and maya.

I hate to say it but these kind of money grabbing moves by Autodesk, who lets be honest pretty much monopolize the 3D modelling software industry, just encourages software piracy.

I wish I was saying it pushed people to other software like Blender but if you’ve ever used 3DS Max or Maya, Blender is pretty rubbish in comparison. No offence to Blender obviously, it’s hard to for a free product to compete with the money of Autodesk.

Untill their version stops working. It will be only a matter of time before a Windows 10 update will provide a cause for that…

Im just afraid that, once Modo has estabished itself as alternative and gained enough market share, they will go down the same road.
Or Autodesk simply buys out Modo, as they did with Maya…
What scares me is that this is not an exception by Autodesk. Adobe plays the same game… 440 Euros per year…

I see the day comming where you need to pay 49,95 per month for your Windows to boot up. If you want to use office, thats 29,95, per app…
UEFI will not allow any other OS than Windows and for an undongled mainboard you pay a 5 digit sum…

And even that will become impossible. With all the online authorization mumbo-jumbo, even if you happen to have a license, should your internet connection break down, your modelers will sit idle…

Full ACK !!!

Well, there used to be one… “CyberMotion” by Reinhard Epp. Was a one man company. The guy made a modeler almost on par mith Max (really). Unfortunately he died and the brother simply closed down the business. Even existing licenses cant be activated again :frowning:

Can’t see piracy being impossible there’s always a way :wink:

But yeah Funnily enough I just had a promotional email from Autodesk. £26 a month for autocad. Thought that wasn’t to bad then when I had a look 3ds is £174 a month…

What’s the point of autocad being so much cheaper. Architecture and machine blueprinting isn’t really something people a hobby.

I’ll have a look at modo not looked into that.

That used to be the case . but the latest zmodeler tool can do amazing hard-surface modelling easier that Max check it out .

That used to be the case . but the latest zmodeler tool can do amazing hard-surface modelling easier that Max check it out .Zbrush 4r7 - Zmodeler Tutorial Series '40K Rhino Tank Part 1 - YouTube

Interesting link… But how easy really is the pipeline & workflow between Zbrush & UE4… Any more insights on Zbrush?
(So when creating characters / weapons / vehicles for UE4, is Zbrush a realistic alternative to Maya / Max / Blender / Modo etc)

I just saw an interesting offer on Steam:


I think, although Im still fine with max at the moment, this is really tempting…
And there is even one thing in MODO that makes it better than max: MeshFusion…(which has not being crippled out of the Idie version :slight_smile: )

For those who dont know MARI:
It does what Substance painter does, but much much much better :smiley: