Weapon Switching/Swapping System

You need to rotate the socket you are attaching the rifle to FPP_Hands.

That is the thing, I have done that (and was one of the first things I tried and just revisited at the present). No matter what I do to the socket the gun is still the same as above. I am not sure what is causing this issue.

There is an name variable (AttachSocketName_FPP) in BP_BaseWeapon which is socket name to attach the weapon to. Make sure it corresponds with your socket name for this weapon. Here you can read about sockets and attaching:

Another thing you could try is to rotate the rifle mesh in BP_RifleWeapon.

Thank you, that solved the issue :slight_smile:

I was following along here FX: Create ammo shell particle from mesh | Shooter Tutorial and Initial Size Category does not have a Distribution option of Float Constant, it has Vector Uniform, Vector Constant, Vector Constant Curve, Vector Particle Emitter, Vector Uniform, and Vector Uniform Curve. What should I choose?

Chose vector constant. Basically you should watch cascade tutorial first to get the basics. - all of this shtt needs to already be included in UE4 by now… where is UTGAME???