Water Caustics

Ah very nice!

Your material is set up correctly the problem is on my end actually, I forgot to mention that it needs to be a spotlight. Sorry about that! I’ve updated the tutorial, thanks for catching that!

Thank you! I hope it helps people with making something cool.

Thanks for the response!

I’ve tried it again with a spotlight and I still get the same results: my light just looks normal still. I checked the material parameters and made sure they were the correct values and everything, and double checked the spotlight’s shadow settings too. Any ideas? My current engine version is 9.2, which one are you using?

Did you unchecked “Cast Shadows” on your light? That needs to be unchecked, That’s the only other thing I can think of. I’ll step through my project on the latest engine version to see if something broke.


why this error. plz help
unreal engine 4.8.3

I’ve never encountered this error before (I assume it has something to do with mobile development? :confused:). But I did find other posts that seem to address this. Hope it helps.

I am on 4.10 and I had to link in a MaterExrpessionTextureObjectParameter by doing a drag from the node out, and finding it under textures.

Anyone knows how can i mask the light function to be visible only in a custom z-depth interval?

All I had to do was tweak the scale and the brightness a bit and voilà! Perfect!

Thank you very much, papptimus!

I’m really glad that this tutorial is helping out, keep up the awesome work! :smiley:

Looks great on horizontal surfaces, but very odd on flat vertical surfaces, see image.
Is that to be expected or did I do something wrong?

Thanks sir, this bring some variation to my fish tank

There was a gdc video on this subject recently. Skip to 42 mins to see the effect in action.

I’ve been wondering if ue4 would get nice clear looking water as everything i’ve seen so far appeared plastic. This though looks really cool and even has a water line with underwater effects.

Anyone know if this will be in 4.16?

I have the same problem. Did you ever figure out the issue?

I want to know also if this will make it to 4.16

Sorry for the super later reply!
The problem is that the effect is a planar projection. It looks great on flat surfaces, but will distort across verticles.
Here’s a good page the explains different 3D projection types.