Watch Dogs style Interior Mapping material

Thanks for this. Just came across this and can’t wait to try it out.

I’m find new stuff from Epic’s with one node 100 UE4 Tips and Tricks | Unreal Fest Europe 2019 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

**thanks for this tip and nice cheat **

I know this thread is ancient but I just wanted to know if anyone knew if this could be adapted to use a LatLong cubemap instead of individual textures?

Anyway, thank you to Stefander for this material, I’ve ended up using this instead of Epic’s interior mapping function in areas where I need non-cube rooms (since Epic’s seems to cause pixel swimming in those circumstances)

hi all, new to unreal ancient to VFX here, we did use interior Mapping in two movies I worked on (Ghost in the Shell) and we did improve it quiet a lot Godzilla vs Kong movie due out 2021. So I am getting myself educated on Unreal Engine so I was doing some research and wanted to share some info here.

Biggest problem with interior mapping is majority of the time everything is a cube, while this works almost fine in smaller residential buildings, it becomes very unrealistic in skyscrapers, where most of the building is glass.

So we did create unique office IDs which can be more than one window but constrained to the floors. Created a Mantra shader in Houdini for testing, created tileable textures for all wall sides, and the renderer tiled room textures according to the size of offices. This is what I want to achieve now in unreal-engine but i am just a beginner, so I am glad I found this forum.

I am trying to download it but the link seems broken

Edit: used Firefox instead of chrome and it worked.

Hi, I am traying to modify the interior mapping node to use it with a slope facades. has anyone done something similar?? I am new in unreal, I have a solution with unity, but this solution doesn’t work in unreal.