Want to shoot at mouse cursor

Hi everyone,

I have been making a game for Uni which is an endless runner, I have been trying to implement a shooting aspect for it, where it will shoot towards the mouse cursor, but can’t find the information to accomplish it.

At the moment the projectile just shoots in a straight line, which is fine, but it is only on one axis. I have created a basic crosshair for the HUD which follows the mouse as you run, but no matter what i try, i cant get it to shoot towards the crosshair.
Heres my shoot projectile BP, ignore the ammo thing, i have a reload mechanic.

Here is a video of the game upto yet (excluding the crosshair)
[video]Moon Runner Update Video (endless runner) - YouTube

Thanks for all future replies

Is this what you’re after?

Thanks for the reply Keyle.
Unfortunately that isnt what i am looking for, a similar sort of thing though, i have tried doing that tutorial, but it doesnt seem to work with this sort of blueprint, there is probably a way around it, but i have only been using blueprints since January, so my knowledge is very basic at the moment. And because this is supposed to be a group project at uni, one of the lads were in charge of the blueprints, but he followed a tutorial for a endless runner, and then everything else we were trying to implement he couldnt get his head around it (basically he couldnt be arsed to learn) so iv taken over on the blueprints, plus im doing the models, the textures, unwrapping and i will be doing the audio because i am the only member of my group who can play instruments. Kinda stressful, because we get marked as a group but, iv done the majority…
So basically, because no progress was being made on the blueprints, i decided, I would take it under my wing, but the group is failing at the moment, because no one is pulling their weight, so if you do know of any ways to resolve this issue, i would be highly grateful.