VonBon's first GAME!

Hello everbody :cool:

Started on a game and will be needing help, so I will post
all my questions here in the same thread.

So, I want to pickup an object and hold it so I can place it
somewhere else in the level. What are some Nodes that I
should look into to get this done?

This should be useful:

Question about creating Libraries for Macros and Functions.

Once I create a Library, is it as simple as grabbing the Library file
and copying it to another Project’s folder and loading it to have
access to the Library, or should I create it in the Engine folder?

Make it as a plugin

Is a plugin the only way to reuse Libraries across projects?
I ask because I have no knowledge of how to program in C++

I should just say that you should never ask multiple questions in a thread like this, as after it has so many replies and questions, people will stop coming back to it. Also if you ask a question that has a useful answer, other won’t be able to make use of this info as most people don’t search for “VonBon’s First Game” when looking for an answer to their question. Many people start threads like this, but it is more appropriate to start individual threads for your questions.

I was just trying to avoid creating Threads with questions that have already been asked, but I see your point.

How to use this for a third person?=)

PS:Excuse me. I don’t know english very well=)

That URL link is broken.

Sorry=)))A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

PS:Excuse me. I don’t know english very well=)