Volumetric cloud system overview

They look great!

Love all your videos- clouds look great!

Thanks so much for the appreciation. It really drives me to to more. I’ve actually been working on a plugin to make the look a bit more consistent. Instead of using particles to render the volume, I’m going to procedurally generate geometry slices depending on the viewpoint.

This has several benefits, 1) I van control the sort order of the faces so translucency will work correctly, 2) density is uniform all over the volume and can dynamically adjust according to how many slices there are. 3) can dynamically change how many slices there are to tune performance. I’m interested to see how it will work once I’m finished.

If you want to Google the technique, it’s called “half angle slicing”.

Cool! will you release this on the marketplace?

I would love to, I just have found it hard to find the time to put more work into it. My day job requires a lot of my attention right now and so does my 4 month old daughter! I’ll see if I can cram some nights in!

I’ve found that spherical shells work quite well. I tried using flat slices first, but there’s a lot of strange flickering when the camera is rotated or moved in the direction/opposite direction of the camera.

were you working with static slice or slices that change to face the camera?

The first thing I tried after large particle simulation was a frustrum made of many planes that rotated with the camera’s view and filled it at a given distance. Then I tried hemispheres that rotated with the camera. These were somewhat better but still had flickering when rotating. Next, non-rotating spherical shells around the character, though they had problems because the polygons were apparent with TLM Volumetric Directional lighting. If you normalize the difference between the world position and the camera position, and feed that into your material’s normal, you can use volumetric lighting. Could probably get a small boost using that with rotating hemispheres again, haven’t tried it yet though.