Voiptalker Support Questions

Hi, I know this has been asked before, but I haven’t been able to find a totally clear answer and was hoping to shed some light. I’m trying to implement the new spatialized VOIPTalker and I’m adding and registering it properly with no results. I’m wondering if there are any underlying systems that I need to implement to get it working that I’m missing, such as Opus or some specialized AudioComponent or whether the VOIPTalker should be working out of the box. Thanks!

It is simply an addition to the existing VOIP so you need the default VOIP to be running.

I have some problems getting VOIP to enable when joining by IP but it works fine when using “Create Session” and “Join Session” in Blueprint.

So far the spatialized VOIPTalker only works with the NULL OnlineSubsystem afaik. so something extra has to be done to make it work with eg. Steam.

Thanks, that’s helpful, but I think the core of my issue is just that I can’t find any documentation for that default VOIP. Could you point me towards the nodes/files I should be looking at here to get that running?

In DefaultEngine.ini you should make sure that a OnlineSubsystem is defined (eg. Null or Steam) and that Voice is enabled.
Note Null is enabled by default but Steam has to be enabled in the plugin manager.




By default “Push-to-Talk” is enabled.
You Push/Press talk with the node “execute console command”

ToggleSpeaking 1

and Release talk by “execute console command”

ToggleSpeaking 0

If you don’t want to use “push to talk” you can disable it in DefaultGame.ini



The mic is then enabled by default but will only transmit if the mic input is louder than a given threshold.
The default threshold is 0.08f. You can set the threshold with the static node “Set Mic Threshold”