Vive: Input trigger from BP Motioncontroller vs from Pawn


Input trigger from Pawn works. Input trigger from BP Motioncontroller doesn’t work. When I put the auto receive input to Player 0 in BP Motioncontroller, it works from BP Motioncontroller and not from Pawn. I need both to work at the same time. So that when I release the shoulder something happens in BP Motioncontroller and something happens in Pawn. What am I missing here?

Here’s just how I’m triggering the output debug, just to have something visual in the thread :wink:


Ok, so here’s also another thing, which I suppose is tied to the first issue. When I test in VR mode, the same menu widget spawns on both motioncontrollers, like this not working.PNG

I need it spawned on only one motioncontroller, for an example Left.

It confuses me, because when I’m using a “Set hidden in game”-trigger from for an example Motioncontrol shoulder L, the widget on the other controller is open/closing, even if I’m targeting the right controller input.
The whole scene is based on the VR template, where I just replaced the hand model with the motion controller model.
I somehow need to control each Motioncontroller, and I suspect I am nowhere near the solution, and would appreciate any help!

The standard trace teleport works like a charm.

The buttons teleport to other locations in the scene, and the button functionality works too, however, it only works on the widget that doesn’t close. In other word, the widget on the other motioncontrol which closes upon “Set hidden in game” does not accept any button interactions. It’s like there’s one too much of the widgets, and it don’t know what to do with each of them.

Again, please help, I am seriously lost.