Visual Studio 2022 RC 2 builds and runs UE5.0

HI @maimonides11,
I am currently using the UE5 Release_test version and that seems very stable as well. To cut the long story short VS2022 is still undergoing updates on the new minor version. Officially :rofl::rofl:UE does not support this for production, but UE5 is experimental. IMHO by the time, it gets released in 2022 UE5 will be able to use VS2022 just like the transition from VS2017 to VS2019

I’ve had no issues with using 2022 with the 5.0 branch without engine modifications.

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I literally can’t get it to work with any 5.0 branch. I get to the build within the ue5.sln but it just succeeds 3 but fails 1 with an error MSB3073 - I have no idea what’s going on :frowning: