Vinterp not working, despite my best efforts

To me this thread feels like an eerie 3 day old déjà vu.

We’ve both posted on this subject in many other threads over the years.

Overall the link is similar to what I’m doing. I have enums for primary config. Like subclass, slot compatibility etc. versus creating nested subclasses and child building from there.
weapon subclass: AR, DMR, SMG, LMG, SR, Pistol, Shotgun, RPG etc.
Inventory Slot type: Primary, Secondary

For firing logic on child classes I overwrite the parent event.

e.g. Parent fire logic has single, burst and automatic firing modes. For a shotgun with only single fire you’d overwrite its logic (looped projectile spawn with deviation). For anti-cheat you’d overwrite the burst and auto to simply output nothing.

Like Burst Fire : → branch … do nothing on true/false.

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so after a long, long ride, I got it almost working. it does blend, and I believe in this effect. but I still have one issue; right here

im forced to make the player controller my target, and because of that, when I click aim it goes from my feet to the aim camera in the pistol, and release I go from the pistol to my feet. im so close. how do I make the camera or a certain point in the mesh the target like you have?

Can you post a short vid clip of it? It may help troubleshoot.

Did you add a socket to the weapon mesh and position the socket behind the sights? Also did you socket the camera to it?

Nah, this just means this functionality belongs to the PC. It has no impact on anything else that you do. Player controller works in tandem with the Camera Manager - so a lot of camera related stuff happens there.

Optional tl;dr:

The PC must always know what the requested ViewTarget is. Whenever you wish to look through a camera, you tell the PC which actor will have the cam we want - above it’s the actor referenced by the Pistol REF variable.

Interestingly enough this will work even though the target actor may have no camera whatsoever. The Camera Manager will then automagically produce one, so to speak.

It actually comes with some cool functionality. If you’re ever mystified by the way the camera collision probe behaves, you could enforce custom functionality here.

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