[Video] Exporting and Importing Characters From DAZ 3D into UE4 - No Third Party Software

Thanks for the head’s up, that sounds like a good way to do it.

I did find that I can simply copy the skin weights from the crazy Morph3D/DAZ skeleton straight over to a copy of the mesh bound to the epic skeleton, and it basically works.

Hello Dude, GREAT JOB!!! Take it to the Maxx! Someone will INVEST in this for you! Build a TEAM. GET it done.

Once again, GREAT WORK!!!

Wow, thanks mate. I hope so too :slight_smile:

New Video Showcase For Adrayvia, an action RPG under development in UE4:



New Video from yours truly - Rihanna: A Heartfelt Tribute


The Art of Combat is on sale! Get it now if you haven’t: The Art of Combat in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

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Merry Christmas everyone! The new update for The Art of Combat, now dubbed The AI Designers’ Update, has been submitted to Epic, and should be live in a few days.

In this update, you get a redesigned AI system now with:

  • New Modular Behavior Trees
  • i-frame implementation (invincibility-frames like those in the Dark Souls, and Nioh series)
  • Backstabs (optional - you can enable it if you want the mechanic)
  • 24 Original Musical Scores, Songs and Compositions (they may serve as placeholders for your actual SFX if you like)

Happy Holidays.

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Hi guys,

TAOC is on sale now. March Madness or something :D.

Grab it now.

Hey guys! This is an excellent tutorial made by a friend for integrating the Paragon Characters with The Art of Combat seamlessly, and in under 10 minutes. Enjoy.

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Is there anyone who’s managed to re-rig any DAZ character unto Epic’s SK Mannequin skeleton?

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So I just integrated the Advanced Locomotion Kit with The Art of Combat. I’m planning to make a video soon, but I can also do a live tutorial if anyone wants that.

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