Victor's Behaviour tree basic zombie(C++/Blueprints) [TUTORIALl]

i got the scripts compiled and all, but i cannot find the “cast to CreatureAI” in blueprint. what am i doing wrong?..

Did you come off the OwnerActor of the Tick? if not drag a wire off that and then type creature.

Hey VBlanco, great thread btw. Sorry to be posting on it so later on.

I have everything working bar the attack animation. I’m currently using Maximo’s asset pack which already has a ‘sword attack’ animation. All the other animations work fine such as running to the player, roaming (walk) etc… but whenever it gets to attacking the player, it returns to the idle animation while the player receives damage. From the Play Animation Asset, did you use a AnimMontage object variable and then selected the montage through that? (I’m not extremely knowledgeable on animation syncing).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey did you work on Unreal engine 4.3 because I am having such a hard time to make my codes work

Hey RemiDM, yeah I got it working perfectly in 4.3.1 bar the animations (which I still don’t know why the attack animation isn’t working).

What’s your issue?

This is a very helpful tutorial and I like the fact that it’s Blueprint AND C++.

well i am trying to run this on the 3rd person code ! but I tried to adapt the code with the 3rd person but what I get is this \

class AIPROJECT_API ATutorialBot : public ACharacter

	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = Behavior)
	class UBehaviorTree* BotBehavior;

	UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category = Behavior)
	float AttackRange;

	UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category = Behavior)
	float AttackDamage;

	UPROPERTY(BlueprintCallable, Category = Behavior)
	void PerformMeleeAttack();

	float AccumulatedFiretime;

	virtual void FaceRotation(FRotator NewRotation, float Deltatime = 0.f) override;
	bool Attacking;

The error I get is for the PerformMeleeAttack and it is Unrecognized type Void which doesn’t make any sense really

Oh gode **** it ! I know why I got this error I freaking called a UPROPERTY and not a UFUNCTION LOL I feel stupid now!

Sorry for the slow reply, been away haha.

Yeah that seems about right. Without the function, it won’t fire it off. Not stupid, we all make mistakes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright I changed to UFUNCTION but I guess this was just the tip of the Iceberg because I have more than 16 errors now ! lol it seems it is all coming from the controller.cpp file !

Most of them are related to the IsAlive it says it is not a member of ProjectCharacter because this function does not exist ?
and the UE_log (LogShooterWeapon) * I had to delete it *

I am kind of lost right now

Well I have made the code work! however the AI is not moving so I must be doing something wrong !

Hello all,

I have followed this tutorial and everything seems to be working, however I am using the maximo animation pack and for some reason it doesn’t play the meelee attack animation? If anyone knows why and can help with this it would be much appreciated…

great tutorial by the way


Hi All.
How to create AShooterCharacter Class?

I was wondering where you put the C++ files in the project (do they need to be attached to something or not) and what type of c++ were they such as are an actor type or actor controller type, what? Because even though you said it was step by step, you missed that part out.