if i’m going to create my own camera class but i want to extend from the utgame camera system in the utplayercontrol what will be the class to extend from in the line :

class blablaPlayerCamera extends ??;

any help ?

Hello dude, I am by no means an expert in Unreal Script, however, so long as no one answered you untill now, I will try to help you.

For my third person camera, I simply used the behindview camera with some offsets, and it is coded inside my custom Pawn:

class FursanAqsaPawn extends UTPawn;

then some lines down:

//override to make player mesh visible by default
simulated event BecomeViewTarget( PlayerController PC )
   local UTPlayerController UTPC;


   if (LocalPlayer(PC.Player) != None)
      UTPC = UTPlayerController(PC);
      if (UTPC != None)
         //set player controller to behind view and make mesh visible
         //since we are not using the Pawn.CalcCamera() function so camera animations (chainsaw execution, i.e) will work normally

then on the default properties:


    CamOffset = (X=6, Y=15, Z=-22);
    //CamOffset = (X=6, Y=15, Z=-28);
    //x -> distance from camera
    //y -> horizontal position
    //z -> vertical position

However, if you want to do a camera class, you can declare this way:

class FursanAqsaCamera extends GamePlayerCamera;

GamePlayerCamera class is located in Development\Src\GameFramework\Classes

We all know that in programming there are many ways to do the same things. As for UDK Camera Programming, some people do the camera code inside the player controller, others do on the pawn (like me), others create a custom camera class. It all depends on what you want and your skills.

For my game, this behindview camera with some offsets worked perfectly. So if you want to do a third person camera, you can also see some tutorials on youtube, which discuss how to create some cool third person cameras.


There are plenty of cameras on the UDN documentation, why extending UT? well it’s up to you :rolleyes:

great thank you for your help I appreciate that a lot