UT2004 License for university

I’m sorry to use the UE Answerhub for this question but I didn’t find an equivalent for UT. I teach in French higher education at ENIB ( http://www.enib.fr ). For the next term I would like to use the game UT2004 for a lesson on Artificial Intelligence with 25 students. I would like to know what licence I need for this lesson and where can I get it?

It is recommended that you consider using Unreal Engine 4 , or even the new UT that uses a Unreal Engine 4 flavored editor for educational settings much more over UT2004. Unreal Engine 4 is now free and easily integrated into educational institutions. Below is a link to the EULA and Educational FAQ that helps explains how to work with UE4 at schools.

Here is another very valuable doc to help with academic installs.


Below are also a series of learning resources for working with the AI systems in Unreal Engine 4 which are quite robust.



This is the first of a twelve part series in making AI games in Unreal Engine 4.

Thanks for your answer. We are definitely considering using the new UT for future lessons but before then we would like to use UT2004. We have some lessons ready to use for UT2004, it is just a matter of time before we are ready to use the new version.