Using event dispatchers or variables across multiple levels

Basically I have created a project where I have a main map as a “Transportation” hub and you travel to and from other maps from this map. However when the player returns from a level I need to create custom event so the player spawns close to the portal that he just came from rather than the centre of the map (main player start). I’m using a trigger volume and the “open level” function to jump between levels. I’ve tried using an event dispatcher to control the event on its return but the blueprint can’t be called and I’m learning that level blueprints can not communicate with each other, i’ve also looked into using a variable but i’m still having the same problem. This is a VR project so the reason I haven’t used level streaming is to keep up the FPS. If anyone could help that would be great!

When you switch level entire world is cleared and all actors assign to it are automatically deleted and all data in them is lost, only pure UObjects that are not assign to world will be still alive. UE4 has designated class to store game-wide varables and code called UGameInstance

Can’t find documentation that use blueprint but here is video tutorial using it in blueprint: