User Construction Script Doesn't Use Instanced Component Variables

Mar 25, 2021.Knowledge
Originally written by Jon L.

The User Construction Script uses a component’s class defaults instead of getting the overridden values from instanced components. Carrying properties over for use in the User Construction Script(UCS) is an understandable desire, but that’s not how it is currently implemented. The ultimate problem ties back to a decision that was made to have the User Construction Script run before the instance properties are set. This was done because there were some problematic edge cases if properties were applied before the UCS, due to the way that delta serialization is being used. The long term hope is to not destroy and recreate components added via the Simple Construction Script and to only use the component instance data cache for components created via the User Construction Script. However, it is not known when or if we will be able to work through the prerequisite set of issues to make this happen.