UPROPERTY separator


Is it possible to put some separator between properties to separate properties in one category ?
I have many UPROPERTY (…)ies and I would like to see them in blueprint separated to some groups but still in one


I think I saw “|” (vertical bar) as a separator. So you can use Category=Custom|Custom2 etc.

doesn’t work. Compiler is complaining.

You should be able to do this


And the result would be this


Is this what you were referring to ?

for the UPROPERTY, you can add the tag “AdvancedDisplay” wich will make them appear in the advanced section (you will have to click the arrow to see them)

Aside from that, I only know of using struct to separate them but that’s now very effective.


  • Marc

Advanced Display is a way of hiding advanced options. Not good for organizing. I guess the only way is making new Categories.

Yes you can use this syntax : Category="MyCategory|Subcategory" if you want to do it this way, quotes are mandatory! You can use pipe symbol to nest them afterwards.

That doesn’t create a Separator. It just makes a copy of a category, and creates a subcategory inside. Creating normal categories and subcategories makes more sense to me.
Btw, one way to create a silly Separator… is to use an empty Boolean. Maybe named --------- or something of sorts.

As far as i know there no way to do this, property editor does not support anything like this, if i think about it it would be little iffy to implement this, as categories are not strict entities can be mixed and what about search and filtering situations?

But there way to implement this yourself, you wouldneed to create a struct like FSeperator with single uint8 (maybe there wya to create empty so we only take extra bit of memory and without UPROPERTY which would create larger memory footprint, and then… create custom UI that will create separator :stuck_out_tongue: here info how to make property editor UI for your structure:

This requires some Slate knowlage, but simple SBorder widget should do the job