"Unsupported Graphics Card" with R9 270 and latest drivers? (Solved via complete reinstall)

Have reinstalled drivers and repaired Epic Launcher (and restarted computer between each). Not only does everything else (Drivers, WIndows Performance Monitor, and Cinebench OpenGL, namely) recognize my R9 270 just fine, but my R5 2600 doesn’t have integrated graphics and thus can’t possibly be conflicting.

Was working just fine on my old PC. New PC not so much. Don’t know why. Everything performs as expected outside of this. This is obviously very disappointing as UE4 is the reason behind everything that I do, really. It’s, in fact, the major reason I even needed a new CPU, let alone one with 6 cores. Thoughts?

Edit: Needed full reinstall of launcher - not detecting GPU at first install gimped it irreparably.