Unresolved External Symbol | Struct & Linker Error

I fixed 2 of the 3 remaining errors and I’m fairly sure I can fix the final errors. One error was because the constructor for one of my structures was in a source file (.cpp) that was created in the intermediate folder rather than the source folder. This is because by default Visual Studios creates files there for Unreal Project, I knew this and thought I had a handle on it but at some point, I slipped up and accidentally created a file without changing the file creation location. The other error was because I declared a constructor in a struct that didn’t need one, so I never defined it and that caused an error which I fixed by removing the declaration. The last error was caused by me creating a variable of type UUserWidget (it was also a pointer), I think this might be caused by the need of a line of code in the build.cs file for you to be able to utilize UUserWidger, but I am not sure in the slightest. Unfortunately, after removing the line of code declaring the UUserWidget variable and as well as removing he include for it, the engine crashed during a hot reload. Now I can’t get it to open, and this is what I’m currently trying to debug.

I encountered similar issue, and realized it was because I did not add the _API specifier macro for proper exposing my struct (it was in another module than the module I was using it).

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