Unreal Studio Beta 4.21 Release

Hi Pierre-Felix. Roberto from Autodesk here. Nice to meet you again :slight_smile:

I’m trying the Revit exporter too. My model is a classical building with columns and statues, not the simple boxy model stuff. Yet, the full model is easily loaded by Revit with memory to spare.
Unreal crashes when trying to import it.

I then tried a very small section of the building. The Revit file is 280 MB. After export to udatasmisth the assets folder is 1.45 GB, and Unreal imports it after 20+ minutes of working with the machine memory maxed out (32 GB) for 90% of the time.

The resulting project geometries folder is 3.65 GB.

I believe there is some waste in there :slight_smile:
Any way to figure out what’s going on?

We would have to test the file and do some profiling. Is the revit model containing meshes imported from somewhere?

Were on the missing entities case. Additionally, the middle mouse button is another problem, that was reported to Autodesk which were trying to solve as well:

Heh, more weird cases with that Revit API :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, they have not fixed it since early 2017 ? Sounds like a bug put on the backburner since the answer to it is basically a bunch of workarounds :confused:

There’s things out of our hands sometimes but we’re the ones blamed for it :wink:

Pretty sure this isn’t going to be the first case of Autodeskery with the Revit plugin during the Early Access phase. :rolleyes:

At least we know what’s at fault now !

Hello all,

I was playing yesterday with the multiviewer template and found out that it is only possible if the computers are in the same network.

Is it also possible to collaberate together outside the network?

in addition, we had a graphical bug on 1 pc.

on my PC the navigation with the mouse was not completely good and jumped off occasionally.

the possibilities that are now available are super cool!

is it also possible in the future to change the sun and weather in the multiviewer?

am very curious about the outcome.

Hey @Etienneboy0, yes it is possible to connect outside the network, but it will probably require you to do some extra setup in your network configuration to make your server’s IP address visible to the clients. You may also need to configure your computer’s firewall software to permit network connections coming from external clients. This stuff is all dependent on how your individual network is set up, and what kind of firewall rules you have on your computer, so it’s not something we can just give you a step-by-step guide to solve. If you have a network administrator, talk to them about opening up the IP and port the Engine uses for multiplayer communication (port 7777).
The doc has a section on Advanced Networking that basically says the same thing.

I love the added features but I really need this to work for Solidworks 2017 service pack 4.1. UE-63335 says this issue has be resolved but it hasn’t upon trying again. Is it that it has been fixed but won’t roll out until 4.22? If so when is the planned release cycle for 4.22? Thanks in advance!

We usually release 4 times a year. That would be around feb 2019 to have access to the next previews. That is a ball park date of course, it can change.


The 4.21E1 Hotfix is now available for Unreal Studio!

Install the plugin update from the Epic Games Launcher.
Download updated Exporter Plugins from the Unreal Studio Downloads page.
We also recommend the Unreal Engine 4.21 is updated to the latest engine hotfix.

Fixed in 4.21E1 [TABLE=“border: 0, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]

Datasmith SDK doesn’t export LODs without UVs

New Product Viewer projects are unable to be packaged without Visual Studio

Fails to export a project from Revit 2019 - Cannot export the active 3D view: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Cannot export 3D View: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Railing entities all use the same mesh asset

Revit 2019 (new) physical materials crash the exporter

Datasmith for Revit should support Linked Files.

Revit Perspective View Changes after exporting to Datasmith

[REGRESSION] Export has missing entities, randomly.

Revit Export aborts or is incomplete when clicking MMB during export.

Additional fixes and improvements, especially for the Revit workflow, will be coming soon.

Hi, I did a quick test out the Multi-User Viewer Template over the weekend and I noticed that ‘Desktop User’ is unable to see the laser pointer pointed by ‘VR User’.

I’ve a problem with using Explode_BP_Actor in my scene. I’ve imported it from ProductViewer Template, but when I put it to my scene it has compiling error which I cannot repair.
There is something wrong with the node called “get attached actors”. Can you help me with that?
Here is screenshot of the blueprint. My scene was moved from version 4.20 to 4.21.


The 4.21E2 Hotfix is now available for Unreal Studio!

Install the plugin update from the Epic Games Launcher.
Download updated Exporter Plugins from the Unreal Studio Downloads page.

Fixed in 4.21E2 [TABLE=“border: 0, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]

(CityEngine) Datasmith imported landscape crash on edit

(Revit) Objects from linked models are incorrectly positioned

Here is how to reproduce the issue :
Start a blank Multi User Viewer Template, package it as Development Build.
Run the packaged apps in one computer, select Desktop Mode and Host a new session.
Run the packaged apps in second computer, select VR Mode and Join the session above.
Now Laser Pointer pointed by VR Mode user is not visible by Desktop Mode user.

Maybe I am missing out something here?

Thanks. tracked as UE-67741 internally.

Hi! I’m interested in using the new Pixel Streaming feature. So far, it works perfectly on the local network, but I have been unable to make it stream over the open Internet.

Wether using a TURN server or not (I’ve even tried a couple of different ones), I’m always getting the same result when trying to access from an external connection:


Is this something you guys can take a look at? Or maybe futher explain on the Pixel Streaming documentation?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @duhalde, is your STUN/TURN server accessible over the open Internet by the IP/port that you’ve configured for it in the Signaling & Web Server parameters?
Both endpoints (the WebRTC Proxy and the client browser) need to use that IP and port to connect to it.

Hi @Ro-Su- . I`m checking my TURN server with Trickle Ice (https://webrtc.github.io/samples/src…n/trickle-ice/) and getting relay results, which should indicate that the server is running properly, and open to the Internet.

Whenever I try to access the TURN server URL (with the local servers and UE instance running), I just get the result shown on the attached image. So, I guess I’m still doing something wrong.

NOTE: If trying to use the https prefix to access the TURN URL, I just get no response.

I don’t think that accessing the TURN server by its URL directly with a web browser should be expected to show anything useful.
When you press Play in the viewer widget, the signaling server is supposed to automatically broker the connections between (your player widget and the turn server) and between (the WebRTC Proxy server and the turn server), so that the media stream can get relayed.
Do you see anything in the logs of the WebRTC Proxy Server when you try to play a stream?

Also, try opening the port for the TURN server to traffic over both TCP and UDP, if you haven’t already.