Unreal Slackers: The unofficial Discord chat for Unreal Engine developers

Hey i’m trying to signup but i got this msg

i’m sure i didn’t signup before and i can’t find a msg in my mail either

I’ve joined the chat :3

The problem with this is knowledge being spread out instead of centralised.

There’s already too much spreading in having a forum and the answerhub. Introducing another isn’t wise.

I know it’s Slack and it’s what the kids love nowadays but, seriously, make a skype group or something for chats and social hangouts (no pun intended) instead and keep the knowledge[tm] in a single place. You know, like a library. It’s a simple concept that’s stood the test of time.

The knowledge in Slack/IRC/etc is ephemeral in nature. I wouldn’t see it as a library but more of a conversation. I don’t think anyone would say it is a replacement for the forums/wiki.

does anybody know if i can use unreal for my own personal use?

It looks like I had tried to sign up at one point and never finished. I no longer have the email and I can’t re-sign up or request a follow-up email be sent to me. What should I do?

So, this is a standard IRC chat where people just talk about stuff/problems ?

Yes. People discuss their games, what problems they’re having, what they had for breakfast, etc.

I would love to join this but the link doesn’t seem to work for me. I have Slack (it’s also installed on my computer :D) but everytime I use the link to sign up I just get an error that says ‘token_revoked’.

i’ve got problems/issues with log-in on unreal slackers,please help me?

before that I was invited and now some website error?Are you going to fix this?

Its amazing over at the slack group!!! You should sooooo join!

Why does it keep disconnecting? Oh god why…

Other than that, good people, fun, and useful so far.

Link on my sig as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great. I’m in!

Nice- thanks for setting this up!

Nice one! Joined.

Does it support file sharing like skype does? If so, does conversation include how to work with unity and maya? as these are things that I will be studying simultaneously, as well as thousands of other students. If it is at all possible to make this happen I will join, If not, I will be making my own skype group.

It’s full of owls and monkeys

Can I get some help?

Do you still need help? Sorry I didn’t reply earler. Don’t check the forums as often as I used to!