Unreal Engine will use Vulkan Technology? Really?!

First of all, thank you and sorry to Epic.
Thank you for Unreal Engine: the best game engine that can be used without investment and with only a little 5% royalty.
And sorry for posting there: forums are busy in these day! The news about UE4 are so hot!
Yesterday Khronos, the company who invented OpenGL, released information about Vulkan, a new API. It’s designed to be crossplatform, easy to use and FAST.
I’ve seen the EPIC Logo on this page so, Unreal Engine will use this technology? I would recommend it over DirectX.
Valve affirmed that OpenGL is faster that DX, so, just imagine Vulkan! :slight_smile:
If Epic developers will implement this tech, Unreal Engine will be the best of best of the best :slight_smile:

Yes recently found out that shader model 5 is not supported on Linux, so maybe wait for Vulkan? Well cross fingers that it will work later. :slight_smile:
What I find interesting about Vulkan is that it should be able to use simultaneously both my Integrated Intel Graphics together with my GTX770.
Really looking forward to that.

Run with -opengl4 to get SM5 on Linux (but make sure your drivers are up to speed - AFAICT, only NVidia binary drivers are.)

Thanks, but with -opengl4 I get no more water at all. Do I need to change something in the editor? The very same compilation for Windows has sm5. I have a GTX770 with latest opengl 4.5 drivers.

michael@michael-ubuntu:/media/michael/Volume/UnrealEngine-release/Projects/MyProject/Build/Linux/LinuxNoEditor/MyProject/Binaries/Linux$ ./MyProject -opengl4
Using binned.
4.7.2-2467323+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.7 7038 3077 434 0

What exactly are you experiencing? Read this : , the opengl versions section explains what can happens and what might help. Some things do not work in opengl 4 mode at the moment.
Here the reported bugs: OpenGL 4.3 mode on Linux bugs - UE4 AnswerHub

I hope it will be integrated too because DirectX is Win only and so locked up by Microsoft. There is really a need for something universal, open, all features on every os, fast.

Well OpenGL works on windows UE4 too if you run engine with -opengl or -opengl4 option

Hey, guys. Epic Games confirmed and released vulkan tech demo. But when it will comes to public in engine support? Even in alpha\beta\or whatever stage.

Is the performance any different when using opengl on UE4 windows?

I preferred OpenGL back in the half life/counter strike days but things have moved on since then can’t say I’ve used it for years other than to get Tekken 5 working on a PS2 emulator :slight_smile:

You can build the engine with Vulkan support right now: Note you need the master branch (4.12 branch may work too, I haven’t tried it). So beware of bugs.

Depends on drivers, unlike DirectX which has some common ground libraries dlls, OpenGL is purly API specification which can be implemented either by OS or driver, in case of Windows OpenGL support comes with GPU driver.

I would not compire this with PS2 emulator performance, because that also depends on emulator renderer… game/engine render too.

Don’t worry that’s not what I meant, I meant I havn’t used it since Half Life other than a certain PS2 emulator, just always remember HL running better in openGL for me :slight_smile: