Unreal Engine: Now Available to Everyone for Free

This is looking Epic for you guys,
everyone (Unity and Cryengine) is now talking about the big bomb you guys dropped hover their heads haha

How can I now give you my money Epic? :smiley: Really awesome though, very generous of you and I think it will greatly help the community, and also potentially open up to a modding community for any game that release mod support.

Yeah, I’d totally advice all new guys to check out Official UnrealEngine YouTube Channel over here. It’s worth gold.

Thanks for the 30 dollar credit on the marketplace as well…Im keen to see what the gamejam prizes will be from now on

This is not something we can or would do. The reason is that we want all of our users to be treated equally and with respect. We are working on the situation and hopefully will have it sorted out soon enough. Thank you for your continued patience.

Or check out the video system on the wiki:

We think it is a much nicer interface to view the videos in. :slight_smile:

Hello All,

For any users who are trying to install an engine or update, we need your help!

Please follow these steps and PM me with you log file:

  • If you go to the gear menu in the top right corner there should be an option to “Enable debug logging” click that.

  • Reproduce your issue of trying to Install/update the engines.

  • After attempting to install the engines go back to the gear menu and select “Show Launcher Logs” and post the latest backup file that has a time stamp on it.

-Max B.

Yeah, mine’s still stuck on verifying…been like this for over 2 hours now. Anything I can do to get this working? Really want to learn how to use this :frowning:

This is amazing news! :wink:

I thought the model was great before! Having the ability to use the engine even after cancelling was great and helped with my $$$.

When I first read the news I was thinking couldn’t they have done this a week earlier when as I just updated to 4.7. I read and saw that they rewarded customers with $30 for the marketplace!


This is fantastic news! The community will grow and I can see tutorials, market place, guides, etc to start growing exponentially!
Fantastic news!!

Now I can’t find any reason to stay with away3d,or think of unity3d…
Thank you Guys!
I must start UE4 at once!

Looks like Epic’s server are flooded with download queues already :wink:

Fantastic!! thanks.

see you at GDC

It is! Anyone experiencing slow downloads, please be patient. We are fixing up servers to help with the influx, but they’re still a bit laggy. This should be cleared up shortly. Hope everyone is enjoying UE4!

EPIC GAMES, I love you :slight_smile:



(Re. those 2 posts about age related influx, most of us are justifiably disregarding them, as I hope Epic will. However that said, a more visual and dedicated “Learner / Beginners” area on the forum would be beneficial ( or alternatively a "Pro Area for more technical advice))

I may be one of those who benefit more by this vision.

I have been trying to decide if I can afford this for over a year, (due to injury, any spending of this type of would be funds away from my bills, heating food)

So there I was, with time on my hands, but 0 funds, so I just followed along, read the forum and kind of thought that Epic were using the subscription to backdoor the cost (as I believed to really use the Engine constant updates and bug fixes were needed).

Then they made it free to students, that was impressive, but no real help for me, who just wanted the Engine to play around in and as a distraction, didn’t want to start something that I would get frustrated with because I couldn’t afford the bug fix updates.

There was a lot of internal debate and shuffling of funds, I finally decided, because of the great forum, and Epic’s obvious support and community management (despite some of the really inane posts on the forums… =p) that I would buy one months and then cancel and play around with it, with a view to buy another in 12 months.

After a month with a hotwater bottle and a duvet instead of having my heating on, the money was there, and I bought about a week ago.
Really impressed with the content on the Marketplace, but more so with the content on the Learn tab I hope epic keeps putting things in there.

Then this email! Epic is declaring war on the game market and making a paradigm shift, which will usher in massive interest and development for Virtual reality and Augmented reality solutions, as well as the more established PC and mobile game markets.

To know I will be able to get future updates, bug fixes and features is incredible,
It makes anything you learn or do with the engine into a bankable life skill that has no future cost, so no worries or indecisions about having to sell lame content, or rush out games.

Using what was for me 6 weeks savings, to buy one months worth of the Engine+Upgrades, was a leap of faith, I expected to use it for a while until needing to upgrade, and then drift away, and maybe look at other things. Now I can fully commit to this as my Engine of choice. Getting back that payment is massive to me…

Why am a spouting all the drivel at you?
Just to give a different perspective, and to show that we all come here from different places, with different perspectives, but most of all to
****THANK Tim Sweeney and all at Epic ****for making such a momentous decision.
I’m sure there will be massive change in the market because of this and it will be to Epics benefit.

Thanks Epic, pretty amazing deal for everyone involved.

Between the engine now being free, and the new dev grants, it is really doing a lot for the community. That’s really amazing.

I myself am new to Unreal, think I have maybe paid 2 subscription periods only, and still learning quite a bit of things, but it is really pretty nice to use, with tons of support and help along the way where needed.

Again, thanks for providing these options for everyone who would normally not be able to get funding for such projects. I wish you all the best and look forward to what the community creates with Unreal. Really looking forward to see how Fortnite turns out also, not normally my style of game but very intriguing with a lot of features I would normally like in a game, and pretty excited to check it out when that time comes.

Epic are doing so much for bringing down the barriers to entry into game development.
Great times!

I have just spend all night enjoying people happy reactions about UE4 turning free! :slight_smile:
Thank you Epic Games! Thank you Epic Tim Sweeney!