Unreal Engine Launcher not starting (w/ Dependency Walker info)

I’ve Just signed up, downloaded the “Unreal Engine Launcher” and have not even installed the program yet because the Launcher wont start.

I’ve gone through the forums searching for an answer, however my situation seems very peculiar and I cannot find an adequate solution.

I’ve run the Launcher through Dependancy Walker and it tells me the following DLLs are missing:










That output is the exact Filepath that Depends showed me while all of the other dependencies loaded and displayed full file paths in Depends, not these…

I can confirm many of these are indeed missing, however several do exist in the places they should be, I just wonder why they have no filepaths and where the others may come from?
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I’ve taken some advise I found elsewhere regarding my DirectX and used the Redist folder in Epic Games folder to reinstall DirectX and it appears to have Solved the issue and the launcher now starts.

Hi tensioncore,

Can you look at the link below in the ‘Launcher Fails to Load or Crashes on Load’ section and post your Dxdiag and Log files?

Sorry about that. I didn’t refresh by browser to see your answer, please just ignore my comment above. I’m glad you found a solution.