Unreal Engine: Free for Academic Use!

The studio’s jaws drop every week with a new ArchViz demo, but they’ve effectively made the process much more affordable. Before UE4, most of the software you needed was in excess of $6,000 for the first year, and then about $3,500 in subsequent years to keep them up to date…

Aside from the one-off fee of $249 for World Machine, UE4 and SpeedTree can help architects achieve the same results for just $456 a year :slight_smile:

My university does not have a game design program and even though I am studying Computing and IT , none of the administrator / teacher / support people have any idea about Unreal Engine and they all react like I am asking them to co-sign my mortgage and they keep passing my request to someone else. It’s very frustrating.

Unreal Engine 4 Free for Students Through Github

You can only use the source github version or you can use the launcher version too?

I have obtained UE4 license through GitHub Student Pack - it gave me a code, which after I redeemed it gave me free 1-year subscription. I must say it’s incredible that Epic supports students like this, thank you guys, you are awesome! :slight_smile:

There’s one thing that makes me wonder though - what happens after 1 year when this student subscription expires and I’m still well into my studies? Will I somehow be able to get another code? That’s nothing urgent, just asking and even if after a year it’s over - you are still awesome. :wink:

Update 10/7: Students can now obtain access to UE4 directly for free through our collaboration with GitHub’s Student Pack