Unreal Engine 5.1 Preview

As said many time, tesselation will never come back in unreal engine.

Virtual Height Field is the way for landscape.
And Nanite mesh don’t need tesselation.

What you mean @Sk3l3tor by hot live code ? You mean hot reload ?


Is this any different from the GitHub 5.1 released earlier last month?

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How will there be snow deformation?

Virtual Heightfield.

This is freaking awesome!
I’ve been watching the road map waiting for the preview! Thank you all for all your efforts! Kudos!

This is a very misinformed answer. Epic’s actual response about the lack of tessellation in UE5 from the rendering AMA:

To better support that path we are right now working on some ways to more conveniently and with higher quality pre-tessellate and displace static meshes.

While some of those use cases can be well covered by Nanite or virtual heightfield terrain it is well understood the power of dynamic displacement mapping. Honestly that was on my mind since the early days of Nanite development as something I wanted to eventually support in Nanite, albeit is no easy task. Research is in progress on that now, ie proprietary Nanite tessellation and displacement mapping. The hope is to create something far superior to what HW tessellation can do. That research is WIP so I can’t really say much more about it or promise anything really (research in inherently risk taking and sometimes fails) but I’ll say I am personally very excited about it and the direction its going.


tested and failed to compile 5.0.3 project with many errors

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Yeah i’m so sorry to base my very misinformed answer of official statement of epic :

It’s ok. We all make mistakes.

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Pretty much the same as the mGPU requirements & instructions for GPU Lightmass, but you also need to set r.PathTracing.MultiGPU=1. This doesn’t have to be in an ini, you can toggle it on and off. Also, you can skip the whole bullet point about setting r.AllowMultiGPUInEditor, this cvar has been removed.

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Where i can access Character Deformation Improvements?


Hi @Amanda.Schade, If I want to try building UE5.1 preview from source using a github fork, which branch should I use? 5.1? is there a specific commit I should use? It looks like the 5.1 branch keeps updating.

This means metahumans LODs bone removal will work as intended? Now is impossible to use them as you can’t benefit from a performance boost using the LODs.

Looks like 5.1 preview didnt ship with volumetric clouds support yet in path tracer ?

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@RFormanAMGI1 Click “tags” then there is a link to download the preview 1 source.

Why can’t I submit the bug report?

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So how do i use the Character Deformation Improvements?? any info on that?

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Exp Height fog is working by Enabling Reference Atmosphere in postPvolume

Was most excited about this.

They aren’t saying that they are bringing back HW tessellation, as in the inefficient type that PC people have been using for the past decade. It’s gone and is going to stay gone. Anything moving forward will be based on the nanite engine, pre or runtime tessellated.