Unreal Engine 4 Save and Load Levels and Checkpoints using Blueprints

@starseeker, Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Isaac. I’m looking forward to your findings. Personally I think it has something to do with the player tags, when I walk passed the checkpoint it doesn’t display the text either. It simply looks like it doesn’t recognise the player anymore.

Edit: Just checked your new updated version. Tried that out in 4.5. Same story, doesn’t seem to work either

Update to the Update Checkpoint system!

Hi everyone, you will all make me smarter with using Unreal Engine. I finally got 4.5 downloaded and tested out the system in a new game. Tags still work the problem is having the blueprints in gamestate. Gamestate is not necessary and all code can be placed in your character blueprint. I may make an updated video but here is a screenshot for now. It’s like super simple. But at least we learn along the way :slight_smile:

So ditch the code in gamestate and whatever you added in your player character. Basically all that needs to be done is at “begin play” set a vector variable that gets actor location. Then “set actor location” when getting the variable at the end of your players death sequence.

Sorry for any confusion, but I will stay on top of this stuff on any findings so we learn together. Good thing is it was easy to remedy because once I tried to recreate the system casting in gamestate to set locations and what not were not available to choose from in my cast node.

I wasn’t able to test it on my game yet because there are some things I need to fix when transitioning to 4.5. This common but will be worth it once its all up and running. But at least everyone else should be good to go now.

SUPER EASY NOW! :smiley: Only took me half a year to figure it out :smiley:

Character Blueprint

Replace the SPACEBAR input with your series of nodes leading to player re-spawn.

Checkpoint Actor Blueprint

The Checkpoint Actor Blueprint is pretty much the same.

Amazing Isaac! Thanks a lot, I will check it out immediately. The checkpoint actor bp from your updated version I presume? Anyway I’ll check it out!

Great! Strange thing is I updated my game to 4.5 and the old way seems to be working fine. Maybe because I have compiled the engine from source? Who knows, but at least there are options now if there are any problems.

Hey Isaac I’ll be looking in how to make the original system work again. This system works, but just seems to be resetting me to an old location, however my character doesn’t reset. It’s just a location reset, and not like your save system worked, which was a perfect system (even if it was complicated). I’ve got a friend who is also able to use the old system, so I’ll just restart from scratch with the save system.

@Penhoat. Its reseting you to your location that was grabbed at begin play. Maybe there is an issue with the checkpoint actor blueprint. Make sure when your player overlaps the trigger volume you are setting the vector variable you casted to from your character blueprint. Also check to see if your character has tag listed and it is the name given in checkpoint blueprint are the same.

Well the location set is fine, however when my character dies, he plays a death animation, which keeps going on when I respawn at the other checkpoint. With your original system it worked perfectly. He really reset to it’s original state.

@Penhoat, I’m not sure if I understand but is it possible to add delay that is set to the same amount of time of your death animation before setting location?
I sent you a PM also.

Hey iv followed this video and part 2, however whenever i walk into a checkpoint it says “reset” and then again when i walk into a different one
when the player is destroyed dies he respawns at the original playerstart location of the game
anyone else have this problem or know what it could be?
Can supply blueprint pictures if required

it just doesnt seem to acknowledge the checkpoint trigger/ playerstart change

Hi Issac, will be be updating your video for 4.5 & new improvements?

Nice tutorial, in MyCharacter I’ve a lot of variables, somebody know if is possible to save MyCharacter BP like a var for then complete restore it? I’m not sure if controlled character can be replaced in hot or could be unloaded for then reloaded/spawned